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Made from solid mahogany this United States Military Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) wooden seal and podium logo emblem is hand carved and finished by our expert craftsmen. The mahogany is cured and treated at our own factory to avoid warping and twisting over the years and a special keyhole slot is recessed into the rear to ensure a flush fitting on ay wall surface.

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100% solid mahogany: (no cheap hollow stuff or fake wood made out of plastic).
Kiln dried to prevent warping: which creates a product that will last a lifetime.
Pantone color matched: to ensure your color requirements are an exact match.
Hand made by trained professional cabinet makers and artisans.
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About this Seal!

The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) is a group comprising the Chiefs of service of each major branch of the armed services in the United States armed forces. Similar organizations, sometimes known as Chiefs of Staff Committees (COSCs) in the Commonwealth of Nations, are common in other countries.

As the military of the United States grew in size following the American Civil War, joint military action between the Army and Navy became increasingly difficult. Following public criticism over the lack of organization between the services in the Spanish-American War, the Joint Army and Navy Board was established in 1903. Composed of the military heads and chief planners of both the Army and Navy, the Board was created to plan joint operations and resolve problems of common concern for the two services.

Unfortunately, the Joint Board accomplished little as its charter gave it no authority to enforce its decisions. The Joint Board also lacked the ability to originate its own opinions and was thus limited to commenting only on the problems submitted to it by the Secretaries of the Army and Navy. As a result, the Joint Board had little to no impact on the manner the United States conducted World War I.

After WWI, in 1919 the two Secretaries agreed to reestablish and revitalize the Joint Board. This time, the Joint Board’s membership would include the Chiefs of Staff, their deputies, and the Chief of War Plans Division for the Army and Director of Plans Division for the Navy. Under the Joint Board would be a staff called the Joint Planning Committee to serve the Board. Along with new membership, the Joint Board could initiate recommendations on its own initiative. However, the Joint Board still did not possess the legal authority to enforce its decisions.

In 1942, President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill established the Combined Chiefs of Staff (CCS) following the attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States’ entrance into World War II. The CCS would serve as the supreme military body for strategic direction of the US-British Commonwealth war effort. Although the UK had the Chiefs of Staff Committee, the United States, however, had no equivalent agency with which to provide the CCS with American services.

Though the Joint Board did exist, its authority and services were of little use to the CCS. Although its 1935 publication, Joint Action of the Army and Navy, gave some guidance for the joint operations during World War II, the Joint Board held little influence in that war. Following the end of WWII, the Joint Board was officially disbanded in 1947.

To fill the need for a coordinated effort and to provide coordinated staff work, Admiral William D. Leahy proposed a concept of a “unified high command” in what would be called the Joint Chiefs of Staff. On July 20, 1942, Admiral Leahy became the Chief of Staff to the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy and created a staff of the chiefs of staff of the services to serve under him.

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