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Made from solid mahogany this United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) wooden seal plaque and podium logo emblem is hand carved and finished by our expert craftsmen. The mahogany is cured and treated at our own factory to avoid warping and twisting over the years and a special keyhole slot is recessed into the rear to ensure a flush fitting on ay wall surface.

Call our customer support team at 1-877-543-6094 or use our Live Chat feature during business hours or order online! Our wooden seals are always:

100% solid mahogany: (no cheap hollow stuff or fake wood made out of plastic).
Kiln dried to prevent warping: which creates a product that will last a lifetime.
Pantone color matched: to ensure your color requirements are an exact match.
Hand made by trained professional cabinet makers and artisans.
Shipped on a timely basis: Option for Express Delivery (Approximately 14 days).

About this seal!

United States Patent and Trademark Office PTOis an agency in the United States Department of Commerce that provides patent protection to inventors and businesses for their inventions, and trademark registration for product and intellectual property identification.

The USPTO is currently based in Alexandria, Virginia, after a 2006 move from the Crystal City area of Arlington, Virginia. Since 1991, the office has been fully funded by fees charged for processing patents and trademarks. The current head of the USPTO is Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property Jon W. Dudas, who was nominated to the position by President George W. Bush in March 2004 and was then appointed on July 30, 2004.The USPTO cooperates with the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Japan Patent Office (JPO) as one of the Trilateral Patent Offices. The USPTO is also a Receiving Office, an International Searching Authority and an International Preliminary Examination Authority for international patent applications filed in accordance with the Patent Cooperation Treaty.


The mission of the PTO is to promote “industrial and technological progress in the United States and strengthen the national economy” by:

  • administering the laws relating to patents and trademarks;
  • advising the Secretary of Commerce, the President of the United States, and the administration on patent, trademark, and copyright protection; and
  • providing advice on the trade-related aspects of intellectual property.


At the end of 2006, the PTO had 8,189 employees, nearly all of whom are based at its huge five-building headquarters complex in Alexandria. Of those, 4,883 were patent examiners and 413 were trademark examiners; the rest are support staff. Patent examiners are generally scientists and engineers who do not necessarily hold law degrees, while all trademark examiners must be licensed attorneys. All examiners work under a strict quota system.

In recent years, the USPTO has seen increasing delays between when a patent application is filed and when it issues. To address its workload challenges, the USPTO has undertaken an aggressive program of hiring and recruitment. In Fiscal Year 2006 (year ending September 30, 2006), the USPTO hired 1,193 new patent examiners. The USPTO expects to continue hiring patent examiners at a rate of 1,200 per year from 2007 through 2012.

In 2006, USPTO also instituted a new training program for patent examiners called the “Patent Examiner Training Academy.” It is an eight-month program designed to teach new patent examiners the fundamentals of patent law, practice and examination procedure in a college-style environment..

Fee diversion

Each year, Congress “diverts” about 10% of the fees that the USPTO has collected into the general treasury of the United States. In effect, this takes money collected from the patent system to use for the general budget. This fee diversion is generally opposed by patent practitioners (e.g patent attorneys and patent agents), inventors, and the USPTO. These stakeholders would rather use the funds to improve the patent office and patent system, such as by implementing the USPTO’s 21st Century Strategic Plan.

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