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The US Transportation Command Emblem makes a wonderful gift, addition to your memorabilia collection or a special retirement present. It is hand carved and painted from solid mahogany which has been treated and kiln dried to avoid warping and twisting. It is available in multiple sizes as standard but we can make any changes or modifications that you need. Our staff have been specially trained to help you with any questions or design issues that you might have. Call us toll free on 1-877-543-6094.

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US Transportation Command
USTRANSCOM is responsible for creating and implementing world-class global deployment and distribution solutions in support of the President, Secretary of Defense, and Combatant Commander-assigned missions.
Provide air, land and sea transportation for the Department of Defense, both in time of peace and time of war.
Transportation Assets
At every moment of every day, around the globe, USTRANSCOM’s superb force of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, DOD civilians and commercial partners accomplishes a wide array of joint mobility missions. With its people, trucks, trains, aircraft, ships, information systems and infrastructure, USTRANSCOM provides the U.S. with the most responsive strategic mobility capability the world has ever seen. USTRANSCOM currently controls a fleet of military assets valued in excess of $52 billion, including: 87 ships; 1,269 aircraft; 2,150 railcars and assorted equipment, and $1.4 billion in infrastructure, as well as access through our commercial partners to more than 1,001 aircraft and 360 vessels in the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) and Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement (VISA), respectively.
Operations Tempo
During an average week, USTRANSCOM conducts more than 1,900 air missions, with 25 ships underway and 10,000 ground shipments operating in 75 percent of the world’s countries. As of October 2004, the command has moved more than 1.9 million passengers; 1,108,987 tons by air; 3.7 million tons by sea; and delivered more than 53.7 billion barrels of fuel by ship.
Always Moving Forward
Everyday, across the globe, USTRANSCOM provides transportation, sustainment and distribution to our nation’s warfighters. USTRANSCOM fully supports and is on the leading edge of DOD transformation efforts for a seamless, wholly integrated, synchronized end-to-end deployment and distribution system under a single unified commander providing responsive, support to the warfighter throughout the continuum of peace and war. These transformational efforts are at the heart of the command’s Distribution Process Owner initiatives.
Military Workforce and Commercial Partners
USTRANSCOM’s total wartime capability consists of a diverse force: 51,853 active duty; 88,089 reserve and Guard, and 16,606 civilian personnel. Similarly, USTRANSCOM relies on its commercial partners to meet 88 percent of continental U.S. land transport, 50 percent of global air movement, and 64 percent of global sealift.
DOD Distribution Process Owner
Since becoming DOD’s Distribution Process Owner in September 2003, USTRANSCOM is the single entity to direct and supervise execution of the strategic distribution system. The command also manages the supply chain related Information Technology systems, and has the authority to establish a contracting activity for procurement of commercial transportation services.

USTRANSCOM’S Transportation Component Commands

USTRANSCOM’s three component commands — the Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB, Ill.; the Navy’s Military Sealift Command, Washington, D.C.; and the Army’s Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, Alexandria, Va. — provide intermodal transportation across the spectrum of military operations.
Air Mobility Command (AMC)
Air Mobility Command (AMC) AMC provides strategic and tactical airlift, air refueling, and aeromedical evacuation services for deploying, sustaining and redeploying U.S. forces wherever they are needed. Many special duty and operational support aircraft are also assigned to AMC (including Air Force One). In addition, AMC contracts with commercial air carriers through CRAF and other programs for movement of DOD passengers and cargo. AMC’s air fleet provides swift response as an element of America’s global reach.


picture of AMC plane
Military Sealift Command (MSC)
Military Sealift Command (MSC) MSC provides sealift transportation services to deploy, sustain and redeploy U.S. forces around the globe. MSC provides sealift with a fleet of government-owned and chartered U.S.-flagged ships. MSC executes VISA contracts for chartered vessels. Sealift ships principally move unit equipment from the U.S. to theaters of operation all over the world. In addition to sealift ships, MSC operates a fleet of prepositioned ships strategically placed around the world and loaded with equipment and supplies to sustain Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Defense Logistics Agency operations. These ships remain at sea, ready to deploy on short notice, which significantly reduces the response time for the delivery of urgently needed equipment and supplies to a theater of operation.


picture of MCS taker
Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC)
Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) SDDC provides ocean terminal, commercial ocean liner service and traffic management services to deploy, sustain and redeploy U.S. forces on a global basis. The command is responsible for surface transportation and is the interface between DOD shippers and the commercial transportation carrier industry. This includes movement of DOD member household goods and privately owned vehicles. SDDC is the nation’s largest customer to the moving industry with more than 500,000 household goods moves a year. The command also provides transportation for troops and materiel to ports of departure in the U.S. and overseas and manages 24 ports worldwide, including military terminals at Sunny Point, N.C., and Concord, Calif.


picture of SDDC ship
The core of our deployment, sustainment and redeployment mission is clearly seen in our operations. During an average week, USTRANSCOM and our component commands operate in 75 percent of the world’s countries, conduct more than 1,900 air missions — including medical air-evacuation and transportation for the President and other VIPs – have 25 ships underway and track 10,000 ground shipments.

As Distribution Process Owner we’re now DOD’s supply chain manager. We’re responsible for the entire distribution process, not just our old “fort-to-port” portion. We’re expanding supply chain visibility and are crafting a true sense-and-respond logistics reach all the way back to suppliers and forward to the point of the spear in combat.

For the first time in history, with the cooperation and collaboration of all players -DOD, the services, the DLA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and our commercial partners — our warfighters have a truly synchronized, totally visible and simplified distribution pipeline. We’re committed to the continuing advantages that this provides them.

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